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Pitch Perfect 2

I like Pitch Perfect 2 more for what it represents than as an actual cinematic experience. It stars multiple women of various shapes and sizes, races and creeds. It was directed by a woman, and did very well at the box office. It’s pleasant up to a point, and the musical numbers are fun and […]

Begin Again

  One of the many great little touches to Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Dan, a down-and-out music producer/executive in Begin Again is the way he begins the film in a drunken stupor; half-awake to the world. He has just lost his job as a partner at a successful record label. He’s separated from his wife […]

Jersey Boys

     I think the central problem with Jersey Boys is the fact that it feels so distant and disinterested in its main character. You figure a movie about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons would try to portray Frankie Valli in a dramatic or interesting way, but you’d be wrong. I don’t fault John […]