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There’s an irritating tendency with a few movie critics, reviewers and pundits sometimes where they judge a film more on its production and development history than on the film itself. If a movie runs into trouble during filming or runs over budget or the director has issues with the lead actor, well, sometimes critics smell blood. […]

I Will Follow

The best American film of 2014 was, without question, Selma. Its director, Ava DuVernay, was not only robbed the Oscar for Best Director, but was also robbed a nomination (her snub was one of Oscar’s biggest bonehead moves of the last several years). Other than being a one of a kind film experience, Selma left […]

Hickey & Boggs

There’s a cynical, sneering quality to Hickey & Boggs that must have surprised its original audiences back in 1972. Directed by Robert Culp (in his sole feature film venture), and starring Culp and his I Spy co-star Bill Cosby; it was the polar-opposite in attitude and style to that beloved television program. While I Spy […]

Mr. Turner

Consider, for a moment, the face of Timothy Spall. It is clear that he has lived quite a full life; he’s not a young man, he’s experienced. A master of the most subtle facial twitch, Spall can tell you everything you need to know about his characters just by his expressions or posture. Like many […]


I think I resent it a little bit when movie critics, film journalists and other purveyors of pop culture refer to the so-called comebacks of movie stars. Most of these actors and actresses had been working hard for years between the “big movies.” When critics mention the comeback of somebody like Michael Keaton or Matthew McConaughey […]

Inherent Vice

With each new movie he makes, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors working today. As good as Daniel Day-Lewis was is Lincoln, Phoenix deserved the Academy Award for his astoundingly brilliant performance in The Master, a role so unlike anything I’ve seen in a movie that […]


At first, it seems like a strange bit of stunt casting: Steve Carell as John du Pont. With a beak-like nose that more than a little resembles the character Gru he plays in the Despicable Me films, the casting of Carell may seem like a joke that Bennett Miller is playing on us. Except it […]