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It’s been called the most dangerous film ever made. One of its taglines reads: “No animals were harmed during the making of this film. 70 cast and crew members were.” Director/star/producer Noel Marshall got gangrene as a result of a lion bite and almost lost his leg. His wife/co-star Tippi Hedren fractured her leg after a […]

31 Days of Halloween: Wolfen

Wolfen takes the werewolf movie, and blends elements of a police procedural and a gritty urban thriller. It is also, subtly, an environmental film; it talks about the delicate balance between nature and humans that once was, and how that has been replaced by a more aggressive presence from mankind. It’s also pretty scary. It […]

31 Days of Halloween: The Vanishing

Although there are no monsters nor is a drop of blood shed, the original version of The Vanishing remains one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen. It is relentlessly terrifying in a way that few films are. It leaves us with two questions, really, the first being what would we do if a loved one […]

31 Days of Halloween: Prom Night

     The opening sequence of Prom Night is actually pretty creepy. Four children are playing a game called “killer” in an abandoned building, scurrying and giggling from room to room. A young girl, who wandered off from her older brother and sister, walks into the game, and the four children taunt and terrify her […]

31 Days of Halloween: Pin

The two young children, Leon and Ursula, live in a large, cold and sterile house; dominated by a mother obsessed with cleanliness and a father fixated with order and structure. The father, a doctor in town, has an anatomical dummy in his office named Pin. The doctor, using his ventriloquism skills, has conversations with Pin in […]

31 Days of Halloween: Street Trash

     Street Trash is as filthy, nasty, grimy and offensive as the title and poster suggest. It is also outrageous, gross and perfect midnight movie fare. It occupies the same sub-genre as Q: The Winged Serpent and Basket Case: grungy and dirty horror/comedy hybrids filmed in NYC in the eighties. These films occupy a time […]

31 Days of Halloween: Strange Behavior

It seemed too good to be true. A cult horror film that starred Michael Murphy and Louise Fletcher, co-written by Bill Condon and music by Tangerine Dream! I mean, it had to be good, right? Even though the movie was filmed in New Zealand (it’s considered the first horror flick to be shot there), it’s considered an ‘Ozploitation’ […]