Monthly Archives: December 2014

Big Eyes

Tim Burton’s new film, Big Eyes, is many things, but chiefly it’s an opportunity to see two of the finest living actors at play. George C. Scott once said that acting should be about the joy of the performance, and we can see that clearly in the work of Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. Written […]


If you’ve been near a television, magazine, newspaper, or computer, you’ve probably seen one of the countless advertisements for director Angelina Jolie’s new film Unbroken. For those who do not have regular access to TVs or newspapers or computers (I’m wondering how you’re reading this, then), allow me to tell you the film’s tagline: “Survival. […]

Force Majeure

The film opens with a smiling family of four posing in ski gear on the French Alps. They shuffle and rearrange themselves in various motions, at the command of the (offscreen) photographer. As I’ve mentioned in past reviews, the opening scene is crucial to understanding how a film works. In this sequence, director Ruben Ă–stlund depicts […]

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

After reading quite a few rave reviews of Anthony Powell’s documentary about life in Antarctica, and having witnessed a trailer full of visual splendor and majesty; I settled into my seat in the darkened theater to experience this new take on the frozen continent. The biggest surprise about Antarctica: A Year on Ice is that […]