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31 Days of Halloween: The Hills Have Eyes

      Wes Craven followed up his directorial debut, The Last House on the Left, with another disturbing 70s horror classic: The Hills Have Eyes. Like his first feature, Hills deals with nice, normal people who are pushed to the brink by demented, twisted psychos until they are forced to act, to strike back […]

31 Days of Halloween: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Few films maintain a consistent feeling of dread and terror better than The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. One of the scariest movies ever made, it remains a dark and uncompromising vision of death, blood, meat, bones, cruelty and family. Directed by Tobe Hooper, the film is as relentless in its brutality as its chief antagonist, […]

31 Days of Halloween: Wolfen

Wolfen takes the werewolf movie, and blends elements of a police procedural and a gritty urban thriller. It is also, subtly, an environmental film; it talks about the delicate balance between nature and humans that once was, and how that has been replaced by a more aggressive presence from mankind. It’s also pretty scary. It […]

31 Days of Halloween: Night of the Lepus

Ah, what a wonderful piece of trash this film is! It’s ridiculous, preposterous, astoundingly awful and fantastic all at the same time. The casting director for this film must have been an evil genius; the film stars Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh (!), Rory Calhoun and, wait for it, DeForest Kelley (!!). To put them all together […]

31 Days of Halloween: The Vanishing

Although there are no monsters nor is a drop of blood shed, the original version of The Vanishing remains one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen. It is relentlessly terrifying in a way that few films are. It leaves us with two questions, really, the first being what would we do if a loved one […]

31 Days of Halloween: Ravenous

Released in 1999, Ravenous quickly and quietly slipped in and out of theaters without making much of an impression to either audiences or critics. Taking place in the Sierra-Nevada mountain range in 1847, at the height of the Mexican-American War, it was a demented, brilliant horror film that took a darkly comic look at the […]

31 Days of Halloween: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

For a film that’s over 90 years old, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari has a power to unsettle and disturb that is pretty astonishing. Directed by Robert Wiene, this silent classic is widely considered to be one of the first true horror films, and is one of the high points in German Expressionistic silent film (don’t I […]