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The Burning

    The golden age of the slasher film is considered to be from around 1978 (when the original Halloween was released) to 1984 (the year of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street). During this six year period, countless cinematic maniacs stabbed, skewered, slashed, sliced, diced, beheaded and disemboweled an infinite number of teenagers. […]

Harold Ramis (1944-2014)

    Even if Harold Ramis had not been a brilliant screenwriter, or a wonderful director, or even if he had not been one of the most important and influential comic minds to come out of Chicago; even if he had not accomplished all of these things, he would still be a Ghostbuster. Harold Ramis, […]

Twitch of the Death Nerve (“A Bay of Blood”)

     Originally released in Italy under the title Reazione a Catena, Mario Bava’s Twitch of the Death Nerve is widely considered one of the finest horror films of the 1970s. It also is widely considered one of the films that influenced and helped create the slasher movie. With some of the most memorably gory […]


Zachary Levy’s Strongman is one of the most fascinating documentaries of the last five years; a riveting character study of a man and his last chance at success. Stanley Pleskun looks like just a regular guy from New Jersey, except for one thing: he’s the strongest man in the world at bending steel. Stanless Steel, […]


  She stands alone in a crowded dance club, surrounded by fellow singles of the over-50 set. She quietly sips her drink and sways gently to Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” She attempts to make small talk with an older man who she knew in a different life; when she was married. He politely rebuffs […]

The Red Balloon

If someone was to summarize the story of 1956’s The Red Balloon, it might seem like a slight, silly affair: a young boy befriends a balloon. This film, though, is a beautiful and breathtaking film about innocence and friendship. These days, The Red Balloon is mostly remembered for being the only short film to have […]

Throne of Blood

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is one of the greatest plays ever written. This is isn’t opinion, this is documented fact. The play, about an ambitious Scottish warrior and his manipulative wife, remains one of the defining works of fiction. A work this rich in flavor and deep in content, of course, is ripe for cinematic interpretations. […]