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There’s a moment early on in Greg Whiteley’s new documentary where Mitt Romney has gathered his family in the living room to decide whether or not he should run for president.  Mitt and his clan, huddled together on sofas, are making the monumental decision into something of a game, by creating a list of pros […]

Suburban Nightmares: “The ‘Burbs” and “Blue Velvet”

     Prior to the 1980s, the image of the ideal American suburban neighborhood brought to mind images of clean, crisp lawns, barbecues, white picket fences and Kool-Aid; everything straight out of a rerun of “Leave It to Beaver.”  Far from the crime-infested squalor of big-city life, the suburbs were a clean, wholesome place.  It […]

The Best Films of 2013

One of the more ridiculous theories that’s been gaining some traction recently is the belief that cinema as an art form is dying (if not dead already).  An influx in remakes and sequels, obnoxious audiences, astronomically high ticket prices, global warming, the increase in quality programming on television; there are many reasons these cinematic detractors […]

Men of Principle: Ethics and Hats in Miller’s Crossing

“I’m talkin’ about friendship.  I’m talkin’ about character.  I’m talkin’ about–Hell, Leo, I ain’t embarrassed to use the word.  I’m talkin’ about ethics.” — Johnny Caspar (played by Jon Polito). ———————- “Where’s me hat?” — Tom Reagan (played by Gabriel Byrne). ————————      Like a single domino tipping over, the opening sequence of the Coen Brothers’ […]